A Hat in Time Food Combos Guide – Full List

In the A Hat in Time Food Combos Guide we will provide you all the available Food combos and their locations, we will also explain you the benefits or the exclusive properties of combos

a hat in time food combos guide full list

A Hat in Time Food Combos Guide – Where to find them?

If you want to find food combos go to the yellow manhole, around there you will find most of them

A Hat in Time Food Combos Guide – Full List

  • Cookies and Coffee: Cookies and coffee
  • Burger and Soda: Burger and Soda
  • Dumplings and Tea: Dumplings and Tea, also called Yum Cha
  • Juicebox and Cake: Juice box and Cake, also called Dessert
  • Fish and Chips (Fries): Fish and Chips (Fries)
  • Katsu Curry and Rice: Katsu Curry and Rice
  • Triple Scoop and Large Soda: Triple Scoop and Large Soda, also called Cream Float
  • Pizza and Large Soda: Pizza and Large Soda, also called Pizza Menu

As you can see, Large soda is the only one with more than one possible Food combination

A Hat in Time Food Combos Guide – Benefits

When you buy to pieces of food at the same time, they can be served together (Food Combo), and the combos have some exclusive properties:

  • Hit Points: +1 Hit point (total of 5), but you lose the extra hit point if you take damage or you complete the act
  • Hat Kid: Gets completely healed
  • Sticker: The first time you find a food combo, you get rewarded with a sticker. And there are 6 unique stickers you can get finding combos

Video – Full Walkthrough

And finally here you have a Full Walkthrough (no commentary) of A Hat in Time (Youtuber RabidRetrospectGames):

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