Daymare 1998 Deer Location – Collectible

Welcome to the Daymare 1998 Deer Location, the collectible of this survival horror game by Invader Studios for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

daymare 1998 deer location collectible

There are 3 collectibles to find, 3 deers: Deermare, J Carpendeer and also D-Rex, and here you have the 3 locations:

Daymare 1998 Deer Location – Deermare

Deermare is the 1st deer to find and also the 1st collectible:

Location: Go to the Lab 02 (between the Observation Deck and the Cargo Area), on the left side of the 1F. You can get there from the Cargo Area (left door)

Where it is? Get into the Lab 02, turn right and find the 1st deer on the middle shelf

Daymare 1998 Deer Location – J Carpendeer

J Carpendeer is the 2nd deer to find and also the 2nd collectible:

Location: Go to the Observation Deck (Between the Generator room and the Cargo Area), on the 1F

Where it is? In the middle of the room (Observation Deck) on the floor

Daymare 1998 Deer Location – D-Rex

D-Rex is the 3rd deer to find and also the 3rd collectible:

Location: Go to the Founder Office, on the 4F

Where it is? Once in the room, go to the statue and look for the collectible above its head

These are all the deers of the demo, come back on launch date for more


These 3 deers is the only collectible. But for now the game is just a demo, so we will add more collectibles guides in the future and we will expand this one. Because The Deers Collection will be expanded to 20 deers (17 more), and of course we will give you the locations of all of them

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