free Energy in Murder in the Alps

How to get Free Energy in Murder in the Alps?

Do you need Free Energy in Murder in the Alps? We will provide you all the available in-game methods to get energy totally free.

free Energy in Murder in the Alps

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Every 8 minutes you will receive 1 energy, not too much, but if you can’t get energy take in mind that energy is restored to your energy bar, once every eight minutes

Free Energy in Murder in the Alps – Action Rewards

You will receive free energy the first time:

  • You run out of energy: You will receive 200
  • When you connect to Facebook: You will receive 50
  • Like the game on Facebook: You will receive also 50
  • When you Subscribe to Newsletter: You will receive also 50

Free Energy in Murder in the Alps – Collectibles

Every individual collectible you find will give you free Energy, and if you need to find collectibles, here you have a playlist with all the collectibles of the game: PlayList. Just find the chapter you want and enjoy all the collectibles locations

Free Energy in Murder in the Alps – Achievements

Every time you complete an achievement you will receive free energy, and there are a lot of achievements to complete:

  • Break the Silence: Tun on the radio
  • Wakey-Wakey!: No taps in 1 minute during the game.
  • I’m Not Lost!: Travel through scenes 322 times.
  • No Days Without Games: Launch the game for 7 days in a row.
  • Follow the Reaper: Find 5 corpses
  • Sands Of Time: Play for 3 hours in total.
  • What’s The Hurry?: Complete a story in 3 hours.
  • Hypnotized: Complete a story in one session.
  • True Detective: Complete a story without using hints or skips.
  • The End?: Complete the ‘Deadly Snowstorm’ story
  • Nemisis: Complete the ‘Phantom’ story.
  • Finally: Complete the ‘Atlantic Connection’ story.
  • Let’s Get Started!: Find the corpse.
  • What Time Is It?: Play for 2 hours in one session.
  • The End Of The Legac: Complete ‘The Heir’ story.
  • Shipping Is Bad: Complete a Mini-game without skipping
  • Hat-Trick!: Find 3 items in 3 seconds in a Hidden Object Scene.
  • Novice Collector: Find a collectible.
  • Aprentice Collector: Find also 10 collectables
  • Expert Collector: Find also 25 collectables
  • Professional Collector: Find also 35 collectables.
  • Master Collector: Find also 50 collectables.
  • Fair Play: Complete 5 Mini-games without skipping.
  • Mini-Gamer: Complete 10 mini-games without skipping
  • Wonderwork!: Complete 15 Mini-games without skipping.
  • Prodigy: Complete 25 Mini-games without skipping.
  • Overtap!: Tap the screen a lot of times quickly to get this free energy achievement

Hidden Achievements

  • Tap ‘O’ Maniac: Hidden Achievement.
  • Sharp-Eye: Complete a Hidden Object Scene in less than 1 minute.
  • Perfection: Complete a Hidden Object Scene without any mistakes.
  • Horrible Service!: Hidden Achievement also
  • Nevermore!: Hidden Achievement also
  • A Helping Hand: Hidden Achievement also
  • Diligence: Hidden Achievement also

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