Los Angeles Crime Online Cheats – LAC

Los Angeles Crime Online Cheats – LAC codes – All the cheats you can activate by typing on chat or by using your cellphone

los angeles crime online cheats lac

Los Angeles Crime Online Cheats – How to activate cheats

There are two methods to activate cheats in LAC:

  • Chat: Type /thecheatcodewearegoingtoprovideyou, some times you also have to set some values, as we will explain you
  • Cellphone: You just have to input the number codes we are going to provide you

Los Angeles Crime Online Cheats – Full List

Chat Cheat Codes

Activate this cheats from the chat, just type these commands:

  • Suicide: (Auto Kill or kill your self): /Kill
  • Set Time: /Timeset X (if X = 0 – Sunrise, if X = 180 – Sunset)
  • Cycle Speed: /cyclespeed X (X could be a value between 0 and 50)
  • Game Speed: /Timescale X (X could be a value between 0 and 10 – Fastest)
  • FPS (show or hide Frame Counter or FPS): /FPS
  • HUD (show or hide Hud): /HUD
  • /Detach + “Door_Left”, “Door Right”, “Hood”, “Trunk”, “All” (Rip Apart Your Car)
  • Wheel Friction: /Wheelfric X (X could be a value between 1 and 25)
  • Heist Bag: /Heistbag
  • Weather (rain / clear): /Weather + “rain” or + “clear”
  • Freelook (to look around freely the map): /Freelook
  • Floating 3D Text: /Sign + your Text (use “*” to skip a line)
  • Summon a Car: /Summon + Car name (King, Zupra or whatever)
  • Add a title: /matchtitle + your title (to add a title to your custom team death-match – editor only-)

CellPhone Cheat Codes

You can also activate some cheats from your cellphone

  • Slow Motion: 1999756966
  • Moon Gravity: 19993562837

Los Angeles Crime Online Cheats – Videoguide

If you want to learn how to use the cheats, you can also watch all the cheat codes in this video guide by youtuber Hqdy Kun Ch:

How To Play LAC Online?

Los Angeles Crimes is an open-world shooter game with different game modes such as Team death-match, Zombie survival and Clear the City! Roam around alone or join your friends over the network!

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