Ninja Legends Ranks Guide

All the Ninja Legends Ranks, how the ranks work, some tips, their cost in coins and their boost when you swipe or splash your sword

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Ninja Legends Ranks – How Ranks Work?

You start with the rank rookie, wich gives you a x1 boost (Ninjitsu). That means you have a x1 boost when to swipe or splash your sword.

You can improve the boost with a better sword (see the swords guide) or improving your rank

To Improve your rank you need coins, we will provide you the cost in coins of each rank:

If you need some coins or other free rewards, go to the codes list

Ninja Legends Ranks – Cost & Boost

These are all the ranks, their boost and also their cost (in coins)

Rookie to Elemental Legend

  • Rookie Rank: x1 coin boost (free)
  • Grasshopper Rank: x2 coin boost (but costs = 2M Coins)
  • Apprentice Rank: x4 coin boost (but costs = 150M Coins)
  • Samurai Rank: x6 coin boost (but costs = 11B Coins)
  • Assassin Rank: x9 coin boost (but costs = 850B Coins)
  • Shadow Rank: x12 coin boost (but costs = 63T Coins)
  • Ninja Rank: x15 coin boost (but costs = 475T Coins)
  • Master Ninja Rank: x20 coin boost (but costs = 3,5Qa Coins)
  • Sensei Rank: x25 coin boost (but costs = 26Qa Coins)
  • Master Sensei Rank: x38 coin boost (but costs = 200Qa Coins)
  • Ninja Legend Rank: x57 coin boost (but costs = 1,5Qi Coins)
  • Master of Shadows Rank: x100 coin boost (but costs = 250Qi Coins)
  • Immortal Assassin Rank: x175 coin boost (but costs = 2,5 Si Coins)
  • Eternity Hunter Rank: x280 coin boost (but costs = 925Si Coins)
  • Shadow Legend Rank: x400 coin boost (but costs = 250Sp Coins)
  • Dragon Warrior Rank: x600 coin boost (but costs = 15Oc Coins)
  • Dragon Master Rank: x850 coin boost (but costs = 350Oc Coins)
  • Chaos Sensei Rank: x1.2k coin boost (but costs = 5 N Coins)
  • Chaos Legend Rank: x1.5k coin boost (but costs = 60 N Coins)
  • Master of Elements Rank: x1.85k coin boost (but costs = 800 N Coins)
  • Elemental Legend Rank: x2.4k coin boost (but costs = 6 Dc Coins)

Ancient Battle Master to Infinity Legend

  • Ancient Battle Master Rank: x2.9k coin boost (but costs = 850 Dc Coins)
  • AncientBattle Legend Rank: x3.5k coin boost (but costs = 10Un Coins)
  • Legendary Shadow Duelist Rank: x5k coin boost (but costs = 350Un Coins)
  • Master Legends Assassin Rank: x7.5k coin boost (but costs = 7Duo Coins)
  • Mythic Shadowmaster Rank: x15k coin boost (but costs = 700Duo Coins)
  • Legendary Shadowmaster Rank: x25k coin boost (but costs = 26Tre Coins)
  • Awakened Scythemaster Rank: x40k coin boost (but costs = 2Qua Coins)
  • Awakened Scythe Legend Rank: x60k coin boost (but costs = 100Qua Coins)
  • Master Legend Zephyr Rank: x85k coin boost (but costs = 70Qui Coins)
  • Golden Sun Shuriken Master Rank: x150k coin boost (but costs = 700Qui Coins)
  • Golden Sun Shuriken Lengend Rank: x275k coin boost (but costs = 10SE Coins)
  • Dark Sun Samurai Legend Rank: x400k coin boost (but costs = 9.5SP Coins)
  • Dragon Evolution Form I Rank: x750 coin boost (but costs = 900SP Coins)
  • Dragon Evolution Form II Rank: x950 coin boost (but costs = 16,2OC Coins)
  • DragonEvolution Form III Rank: x1,2M coin boost (but costs = 187.2OC Coins)
  • Dragon Evolution Form IV Rank: x1,5M coin boost (but costs = 3.6NV Coins)
  • Dragon Evolution Form V Rank: x2M coin boost (but costs = 90NV Coins)
  • Cybernetic Electro Master Rank: x2,5M coin boost (but costs = 400NV Coins)
  • Cybernetic Electro Legend Rank: x3.2M coin boost (but costs = 48VIG Coins)
  • Shadow Chaos Assassin Rank: x4M coin boost (but costs = 6.4CE Coins)
  • Infinity Sensei Rank: x6,5M coin boost (but costs = 4.8TRV Coins)
  • Aeher Genesis Master Ninja Rank: x10M coin boost (but costs = 5.6SPZ Coins)
  • Master Legend Sensei Hunter Rank: x12M coin boost (but costs = 24CJX Coins)
  • Skystorm Series Samurai Legend Rank: x15M coin boost (but costs = 40VNU Coins)
  • Master Elemental Hero Rank: x20M coin boost (but costs = 5.6KVZ Coins)
  • Eclipse Series Soul Master Rank: x26M coin boost (but costs = 32JZW Coins)
  • Starstrike Master Sensei Rank: x34M coin boost (but costs = 4QZX Coins)
  • Evolved Series Master Nija Rank: x40M coin boost (but costs = 1.60HTZ Coins)
  • Dark Elements Guardian Rank: x48M coin boost (but costs = 480RXL Coins)
  • Elite Series Master Ninja Rank: x57M coin boost (but costs = 64XVC Coins)
  • Infinity Shadows Master Rank: x68M coin boost (but costs = 240XVC Coins)
  • Lightning Storm Sensei Rank: x80M coin boost (but costs = 4ZOL Coins)
  • Dark Elements Blademaster Rank: x100M coin boost (but costs = 240ZOL Coins)
  • Rising Shadow Eternal Ninja Rank: x120M coin boost (but costs = 40 LXS Coins)
  • Skyblade Ninja Master Rank: x250M coin boost (but costs = 4,8 YZXU Coins)
  • Shadow Storm Sensen Rank: x500M coin boost (but costs = 3,2 JXKZ Coins)

Ninja Legends Ranks – Unlocks


  • Eternal Boss (Portal) – Rank 6 – Shadow
  • Ancient Magma Boss (Portal) – Rank 11 – Ninja Legend
  • Pet Cloning Altar (Portal) – Rank 16 – Dragon Warrior
  • Altar of Elements (Portal) – Rank 20 – Master of Elements
  • Enchanted Island (Portal) – Rank 27 – Legendary Shadowmaster
  • Astral Island (Portal) – Rank 30 – Master Legend Zephyr
  • Mythical Island (Portal) – Rank 31 – Golden Sur Shuriken Master
  • Space Island (Portal) – Rank 32 – Golden Sur Shuriken Legend
  • Infinity Stats Dojo (Portal) – Rank 39 – Cybernetic Electro Master


  • 1st Wave of Elements (Lightning, Inferno, & Frost) – Rank 32 – Golden Sur Shuriken Legend
  • 2nd Wave of Elements (Shadow, Masterful & Electral)- Rank 38 – Dragon Evolution Form
  • Shadowfire Element – Rank 39 – Cybernetic Electro Master

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