Satisfactory Cheats & Console Commands

Welcome to the Satisfactory Cheats & Console Commands guide, enable the console and enjoy tons of cheats to help you while playing

satisfactory cheats console commands

How to Enable and open the Console?

While playing press > CTRL + SHIFT + L to enable the Console

Once you have enabled the console (you won’t notice it), press “~” (to the right of “1” on the keyboard) to open it (press it twice if you want a bigger console)

Now you can enter and use the Cheats or Console Commands we are going to provide you:

Satisfactory Cheats – Console Commands

  • Pause the Game – Pause
  • Atmosphere – r.Atmosphere 1 or 0: To activate or deactivate the Atmosphere
  • Fog -r.Fog 1 or 0: To activate or deactivate the Fog
  • Material Flow Analysis – materialFlowAnalysis recipeName[FString]:
  • View Distance Scale: – r.ViewDistanceScale: Sets the render distance
  • Internal Resolution Scale – r.ScreenPercentage [percent]: To set the Internal resolution scale
  • Brightness – Gamma X: Change X by the brightness level you want
  • Impact of Current Frame – r.TemporalAACurrentFrameWeight [0 to 1]: To set the impact of the current frame
  • Spread of the TAA samples – r.TemporalAAFilterSize [more than 6]: To set the spread of the taa samples
  • Samples to use for TAA – r.TemporalAASamples [number]: To set the number of samples to use for TAA
  • Simple Sharpen Filter – r.Tonemapper.Sharpen [number] : To set the Simple Sharpen Filter
  • Field of View (FOV) – FOV [number] : To set the Field of View
  • Max Framerate – t.MaxFPS [value] : if you want max framerate = unlimited, you can set it to “0”
  • Show FPS – Stat FPS
  • Graphic statistics info – Stat Unit 
  • Level Streaming info – Stat Levels
  • Autokill or suicide – Suicide
  • Show Debug – ShowDebug [DebugType]

Satisfactory Cheats – Debug Type

  • AI: shows info about AI (enemies or vehicles) near the player
  • AKAUDIOSOURCES: shows info about active audio sources
  • ANIMATION: shows info about the animations
  • BONES: shows info about Bone conections
  • CAMERA: shows info about the cameras
  • CIRCUITS: shows info about the circuits
  • COLLISION: shows info about collisions
  • FACTORY: shows info about the player built estructures
  • FACTORYCONNECTIONS: shows info about the Factory connections
  • FORCEFEEDBACK: shows info about the force feedback values
  • INPUT: shows info about the input method currently used
  • NET: shows info about Multiplayer connection
  • NONE: shows only default info
  • PHYSICS: shows info about the velocity components
  • POWER: shows info about the power
  • RADIATION: shows info about the radiation
  • RADIATIONSPHERES: shows info about the Radiation Spheres
  • Reset: hides the debug info
  • SIGNIFICANCEMANAGER: shows info about the significance of sounds
  • TRACKS: shows info about the Rail road subsystem
  • VEHICLE: shows info about the current vehicle
  • WEAPON: shows info about the current weapon
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