Sunshine Love Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to The Sunshine Love Walkthrough & Guide, where we will provide you all the choices and secrets to reach the highest levels to unlock all the scenes in the game

sunshine love walkthrough guide

Prologue & First Choices

You won’t have choices until you meet your sister at the airport. Previously there will be some scenes, and just choose what you want, you don’t have to worry, just enjoy

  • You look amazing
  • It’s stunning
  • Be funny
  • Don’t do it (Don’t check her…)
  • Knock on the door > Don’t enter

Sunshine Love Walkthrough – Day 1

  • Sister: Act confused
  • Victoria: You wouldn’t believe me > Another time > Mind-blowing
  • The Twins: I’m not convinced > Their necklaces
  • Office: Mention the “all women” issue > Figure it out
  • Cousin: Understand her
  • Beach: Be honest
  • Ashley: Act interested
  • Cousin: Shake her hand
  • Scooter: It was okay
  • Burger: Other careers > You’re perfect > About Her Cousin > I got lucky
  • Back to the Hotel: Any choice, but DONT choose NFW

Sunshine Love Walkthrough – Day 2

  • Ashley: About her glasses > Compliment her > It sure is > Kiss her back
  • Cousin: Close her eyes > Breathe naturally > Maintain focus > Don’t do it (don’t hold her hands) > Hug her
  • Victoria: Cheese > Any ingredients > Say nothing > Ask about the burlesque house > Make her laugh
  • Twins: Ask for more details > Design and Styling > Marketing and promotion > Post-event analysis
  • Syster: Pass the message
  • Painting: Act concerned
  • Yuki: I’m keen > Flirt with Yuki
  • Sister: Put your arm around her > DON’T choose Nonchalant Answer
  • Nicole: Lie to her

Sunshine Love Walkthrough – Day 3

  • Act concerned
  • Calm response
  • Kiss her on the cheek
  • Don’t mention it
  • Don’t look up
  • Ask her

Save Point 1 – Choose The Church

  • Your role
  • Answer her
  • Sure I am
  • Check the desk drawer, Check the desk drawer again
  • 6969
  • Open it
  • Risk it
  • Behind the tree
  • Stand against the wall
  • Section #3

Save Point 1 – Choose The Cousin’s house

  • Yes I am
  • Kiss her on the cheek
  • Throw the toy at the dog
  • Section #3
  • Check the desk drawer, Check the desk drawer again
  • 6969
  • Open it

Save Point 2 – Phone Call with Ashley

  • Ask her

(If you visit Cousin’s house before & won the mini game you can choose between Ashley or Trisha)

  • What do you need
  • Brassiere, Stockings or also Panties
  • Sounds good
  • Kiss her on the cheek

Save Point 2 – Phone Call with Yuki

  • Agree
  • Something else
  • It works
  • Kiss her on the cheek
  • Lily
  • It has potential
  • I’m in +2 Twins Pointsbut -2 Friend Point, or I’ll think about it +1 Friend Point
  • Best dish
  • Both equally
  • Kiss her on the cheek
  • Ask a question
  • Check on her
  • Just one more minute (if chosen Trisha instead of Ashle during the lingerie scene at
    the clothes store
  • Choose any of the 4 girls
  • Cuddle her tighter


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